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bop - Behavioural & Oberservational Practice


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Follow us on twitter for instant Tips on improving presentation and public speaking skills

Your BOP videos were the best thing I have ever invested in. The advice given to me after watching the videos and being able to talk to Peter, one of your BOP team was so valuable before my big presentation, which went down a treat. Many thanks

James Teller

Eastfield, Northampton



What type of services do BOP offer?

BOP has over twenty years of corporate training experience;... read more

How are BOP services delivered?

Courses are created to meet the individual needs of the client, local spaces, near to the clients... read more

What can I expect on a BOP course?

First we’ll talk to you to identify your needs from the training, and we will then assemble a programme of relevant exercises and experiences designed to fulfil your brief... read more

Do I have to be with a company to attend a BOP course?

You do not have to come on a course with a company, as BOP regularly holds open courses on communication and presentation skills in one of our training venues and you are able to access these by contacting BOP and registering an interest.... read more

What happens if there are things on the videos I do not understand?

BOP are very keen that you get full developmental value from the BOP training videos but also understand that some of the work is advanced and may raise a question or require individual points of clarification to help you gain the full benefit... read more

Can I get personal assistance from one of the BOP team?

BOP is offering the first 250 subscribers to their webstream videos the opportunity of receiving two complimentary interactive sessions with a BOP team member, where you will get the opportunity of having a presentation reviewed, ask questions directly relating to your work or to discuss your presentation challenges... read more